Affordable E-book Formatting

559 clients served in 2013. Formatting e-books since 2009.
I'm also an author, so I know first-hand the formatting issues that can keep a book from being accepted by e-book retailers. I strive to give my clients a finished format that will view in the best possible way on all e-reading devices.

I specialize in fiction (novels, novellas and short stories). Professional-quality formatting for Smashwords, Amazon KDP, Nook, Kobo, Apple iTunes and Sony.

*Please note that I do not format non-fiction books such as: textbooks, cookbooks, heavily-illustrated books or self-help books. I do format memoirs and biographies, so long as they are written in novel format with a minimum of 10 photos.

To view samples of formatting that I've done, click the following links and view the "look inside" samples for each book: For Kindle Sample, For Nook Sample, For Apple Sample, For Kobo Sample. Smashwords samples also available upon request.

Pricing, Turnaround & Requirements

Pricing is based on word count.
(Please note: New pricing effective for all formatting jobs scheduled after January 1, 2014)
Under 10K words - $10.00
10K-15K wds $15.00
16K-20K wds $20.00
21K-50K wds $25.00
51K-75K $30.00
76K-99K $35.00
100K-125K $40.00
For very long novels pricing is $5 per every 10K over 125K. (For example: A 135K novel would be $40 + $5 or $45).

There may be additions to pricing based on inclusion of photographs/artwork, lengthy tables of content or inclusion of numerous hyperlinks in the book. Since my formatting is designed to preserve any bold or italicized fonts in the manuscript, there may be an additional charge for numerous instances of italicized fonts. For example: a 40K book that has 500 instances of italicized fonts may incur an extra formatting charge since it takes extra time to go through the book and mark all of these so that I won't lose them in the finished formatting process.
I reserve the right to give a final/firm price upon seeing a copy of the manuscript.

Pricing includes: Formatting of manuscript based on the Smashwords Premium Distribution Style Guide and (at the request of author) conversion to .epub for Nook, Apple and Kobo; conversion to .epub, .htm or .prc (author's choice) for Amazon Kindle.
Smashwords is now accepting both .docs and .epub files for upload. Please request one or the other when querying.
All .epub files are validated through the International Digital Publishing Forum and guaranteed to pass .epubcheck.

DISCLAIMER: Pricing does not include any type of work that falls under the header of "editing" (i.e. grammar, spelling, punctuation or content checks). GUARANTEE OF SERVICES: I do my best to make all books comply with the Smashwords Premium Distribution Style Guide. However, if there are any problems with the formatting due to errors in my formatting, I will make the corrections at no extra charge, provided that all monies due for formatting have been paid in full. However, if a re-formatting request is due to author errors or changes to the manuscript as requested by the author, a reasonable fee may be charged for the re-formatting service. If changes requested by the author do not comply with the Smashwords Premium Distribution Style Guide and therefore might not pass premium distribution approval, the author will be informed of this, and my guarantee of services will not apply.
I do not act as a publisher and/or distributor. After the formatted files are returned to the author, the author is responsible for publishing his/her files in the venue he/she chooses.

Pre-payment of formatting services is required of all new clients.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround dates vary depending on the volume of e-books I have scheduled at any given time. You should book your formatting at least 3 weeks ahead of the turnaround you desire. Since I book on a first-come/first-service basis, I do not offer rush services.

Manuscript Requirements

All manuscripts should be finished and ready-to-publish. I prefer to receive manuscripts in MS Word. All .pdf files must be converted to MS Word prior to formatting. Due to errors inherent in .pdf conversion to Word, I require authors to proofread any .pdf-converted file prior to sending it to me to format. A good free resource for converting files from .pdf to Word is There are also errors that can be caused in the OCR scanning process. If you have a book that has been scanned, please proofread carefully before having it formatted.